Stranger Worlds Exhibition

I am with baited breath, anticipating the excitement and creative satisfaction of co-producing an exhibition with artist Ben Irwin, in my home town of Boscombe, in Dorset. So far we have curated several artists from London and local to Dorset, chosen for their style of work and its reference to our theme, Stranger Worlds;

‘In the crazy world we live in, Art and Artist have always been a constant, creating their own interpretation of the world they live in; a snap shot of a moment.
Whether the inspiration took less than a second or a life time to decipher, a story was told.
The stories told here are indeed Strange and Bizarre they take you on a journey for a moment of respite to the mundane. 
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, weird creatures and dark places, each piece is a story with infinite possibilities.

The exhibition Stranger Worlds is curated by Ben Irwin and Lubix Slumbarave. Opening night on 10th Dec and has work from:


The DNA Factory  (
Keelertornero  ( )
Ben Irwin  ( ) 
Charlie Mcfarley (
Lucan (
Lubix Slumbarave

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